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The legend tells the Tale about ...
... Four friends were chatting at the foot of the “DOC” mountain, in a place known as "Divine Ignis", a wild and dry desert where not even cactus would be at home. They had stopped off there during a trip out of town. The four had decided to spend the afternoon of that day in a friendly outing, heading up towards the mountain, where the breath-taking views, the clean air and the still virgin nature would frame their surroundings.
The scorching sun showed its immense power at the turn of noon. The heat whipped over the shirts of the four friends. After about half an hour, one of the four, looking towards the mountain, noticed a huge root sprouting from the earth: tall, robust, with a thick circumference.   Looking at it in its energetic form, he realised that the root was Upside Down…  Not believing his eyes, he thought he was hallucinating: “Never seen an upside-down root!” Could it possibly survive in such an arid place? After glancing away, slowly, he looked back to that same spot. And unbelievably it was still there, in its entirety, tall, robust, and incredibly upside down!
In that water deprived place, where the desert settles in, paying no bills, an upside-down root had risen up from the earth, showing all its liveliness. Sometimes nature surprises us all for the incredible beauty it generates.
Enraptured by that extraordinary image of power, he no longer looked away and with a faint thread of voice exclaimed: "Wonderful!".   In the precise moment as he finished the sentence, thunder shook the earth and lightning flashed across the sky like a thunderbolt and fell on the root, which caught fire. Upon seeing this, he had a gasp of emotion: "Oh, Divine Fire!" He said awe-stricken.
The fire burned but did not dissipate even an inch of the root and so, drawn to what was happening, he approached alone, with an uncertain step, towards that place. As he got nearer, he felt his surroundings getting cooler. A pleasant intoxication pervaded him. For a moment, he had the feeling that time had lost its meaning, while fire, like dew, mitigated the unbearable heat.
And then came a voice: "Take off your shoes, because what you are stepping on is a “DI-VINE”  place. Astonished, he shook his head as if stunned. And the voice became sweeter: "Do not doubt what you see. Do not doubt what you hear".
His heart was beating like a drum. A thousand thoughts in his head. "Who are you?" He asked respectfully. "It doesn't matter who I am. Come closer, I want you to collect my nectar," said the voice with love. Reassured by the sweetness with which those words were pronounced, he obeyed. He took off his shoes and slowly moved towards the root, until he touched it. There was no heat, there was no danger, only a pleasant sensation of freshness, an extraordinary sensation of euphoria, of joy, of excitement.
" May you all drink this sparkling wine that flows from this root," said the voice.  
"How can I drink the fire?" He asked in surprise.
Thunder ripped through the sky and a strong wind hit him. An Eagle descended from the firmament and landed at the foot of the root and a clear and sparkling nectar began to flow from every branch.
Silenced, he drank too. Immediately he felt invigorated, happy, joyful, intoxicated. Never had so much excitement pervaded his spirit. Never had so much happiness kidnapped his heart.
The Eagle took off again and vanished into the clouds; and he, gazing after her, felt wonderfully light-hearted.
"I want you and your friends to plant this root in other places, so that my sap can be enjoyed by all people. You shall name this “Divine Ignis sparkling wine”, in honour of this divine place". After these words, the voice was swallowed by a roar. The nectar stopped, the root stopped burning, the heat became overpowering again and, as if aroused by a dream, the man again perceived the meaning of time.
Without hesitation he took the root, gave a grateful look to the sky.
Returning to his friends, he called them and said: "I have to tell you a story: the Legend tells the Tale about...".
Notes: “Luogo DI-VINO”: the word “divino” in Italian (= divine, sacred, heavenly), when “split” into two words, means:
…  (Place) “of Wine”

RADICE 1.png
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